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Ableiva -"Faithful Footsteps” Cross Boots

Ableiva -"Faithful Footsteps” Cross Boots

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“Faithful Footsteps” Cross Boots, where every step is a testament to your unique sense of style and unwavering faith. Crafted to provide soft and comfortable wearing, these boots go beyond the ordinary, blending fashion and devotion seamlessly.

Designed with the modern man in mind, these boots offer a plush and comfortable experience. The breathable foam insole, a hallmark feature, ensures anti-heat, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion conditions for your feet. These boots are not just about comfort; they’re a symbolic expression of your faith, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Available in US sizes 7 to 10.5, “Faithful Footsteps” caters to a range of preferences, providing the perfect fit for your individual style. The rubber sole guarantees durability and offers a steady grip, making these boots suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to moments of spiritual reflection.

The rear pull-loop is a practical addition, emphasizing functionality and making the boots easy to slip on and off. It’s a small detail that adds convenience to your daily routine, highlighting the thoughtful design of these boots.

For the perfect fit, please use the metric system for a more precise size guide. “Faithful Footsteps” Cross Boots go beyond typical footwear; they become an integral part of your spiritual journey, offering unmatched comfort while symbolizing your commitment to faith. Elevate your wardrobe with boots that prioritize both your well-being and your unique sense of style. Order yours today and take every step with faith and fashion in perfect harmony.


  US 7 US 8 US 8.5 US 9 US 10 US 10.5
EU size 39 40 41 42 43 44
UK size 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9
Heel to toe (inside), in 10.08 10.28 10.35 10.55 10.83 11.06
Insole Width, in 3.39 3.43 3.50 3.58 3.62 3.70
Outsole Width, in 4.17 4.25 4.29 4.37 4.45 4.49


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