Action Plan

      This is an action plan template. I put this in to help direct you in creating your own. I would start off by journaling. Go back thru your journal writings and pull out what seems to be an issue that you would like to change. For example – I wrote 3 times this week that I was overeating. So I will weigh myself now and see where I am. If I am over where I would like to be, I set a goal. No junk food this week and I weighed out portions. But I don’t have a scale.
So I must wait until Friday to get paid to weigh exactly so until then I will visually cut down my portion. Friday I purchase the scale and accurately weigh out my portions. Monday comes and it’s time to weigh in again. Let’s say my eyeballing was off and I have still not hit the weight I’m looking for. I keep trying. Let’s see what 1 solid week of portion control looks like. We get back on the scale the following Monday and poof we are where we wanted to be!
Now you don’t stop, but instead, continue which creates a healthy habit. By the end of your second week, you are pretty used to weighing out your food so you continue. But let’s say now you want a new pair of jeans for the body you took the weight off of. Let’s say those jeans are $60 and you can only afford $20. Then either find something cheaper and accessible or create a new goal a financial one, to save $20 per week until you can buy the jeans.
Or if not and the next week comes, and your weight is once again different from where you want it to be. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Maybe it’s not your portion but something else you may need to try to get to your goal. Like portion control alone didn’t work, so let’s try a keto diet with portion control and see what happens. Continue in this fashion until you hit all the points in your life you feel you personally can change and address. This is not an easy or short process, but a great one for achieving your goals which create your dreams.

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