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D.C.A. ( Dollar-Cost-Averaging )

What stocks should I buy??? Is it better to reinvest my dividends??? Should I own bonds??? Wait, what is a bond?  Wait, what strategy should I use to get my money into the market? Should you put it in all at once or, should I put in a little at a time? The strategy you... Read more

Dear Daddy,

    [embed][/embed] Dear Daddy,        So many times I have wanted to revisit the time when life was juvenile and all the stress in life was what cereal was gonna be with Saturday morning cartoons. A time when Dad was home after service and Mom was at home with me every day.... Read more

Trauma and Addiction

Childhood Trauma and its link to addiction…. I have to say I find it shocking that in the last decade these two disorders are just being connected! The two have very tied links as most trauma survivors have a predilection to addiction to say the least. I am not a counselor, but as someone with... Read more

Trauma Bonds

Trauma Bonding is the connection someone builds with an abuser. The relationship is typically unpredictable. They will consistently betray and you will consistently forgive. You will give anything to try to satisfy that person's particular needs, even to the point of forgetting about yourself just to have “good times” with that person. These relationships are... Read more

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness Hey everyone! This blog is going to cover the different dimensions to consider while striving for holistic living. I believe that if we work at trying to improve every aspect of our lives to some degree then we are consistently growing and moving forward. There is not one who is... Read more